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A call for men to unlock their full potential

Do you want to embrace your manhood to the fullest? Pastor Osborn Collins of Mount Zion Seventh-Day Adventist Church says that attending an upcoming conference on Friday, October 13, can equip you with the proper keys to be the ideal father and husband. Osborn said it is time for men to stand up and step into the greatness that God has ordained for their lives.


Pastor Osborn Collins of Mount Zion Seventh-Day Adventist Church

“God’s word has all the tools there for us to be inspired to know what is special about being a man. Man has so many things there to inspire men to take up their role. As we have entitled the seminar ‘A gathering for Kings’ because our father god is the king and as we are his sons we take on that kingship and as we understand our purpose knowing that God is our father it is then that we realize that I have a special role to play in building the families because I can recall a special clip that I saw once on 60 minutes of some elephants that they had taken out all the male elephants and they had only the small elephants coming up and they were behaving very unruly and wondered what was happening and they decided to put back some big male elephants within and it brought a calm and a peace they begin to understand what their role was and so it is similar with human beings. If we extract the male role figures out of it it’s not just having basketball players and football players and all the different role models that we identify with but God has something special within a man and when that comes out of you is when you really understand how to take care of your home and how to treat your wife and take care of your children and be protective and how to be a provider.”

The conference takes place this Friday, October 13, at Mount Zion Seventh-Day Adventist Church starting at 7:00 p.m.