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A Chapel for the KHMH

A dedication and consecration service took place on the grounds of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City as the administration in collaboration with the Council of Churches and the Belize Evangelical Association, officially opened the Chapel on the hospital’s ground floor.  Chief Executive Officer at the KHMH, Dr Adrian Coye spoke to Love News on the importance of this facility.


Most major hospitals all around the world have an area like this in their institution so as I did speak about it earlier we look at medicine not only as patients on beds getting antibiotics but there is a holistic approach of treating patients and their family. The council of churches saw it, no more than the administration, a need for the space where sometimes twenty or thirty family members need somewhere to get counseling and guidance and to look for strength and for prayer. In the end the idea they came up with that was supported by the administration we continued with. I think it’s a very important space, it’s a very dignified space for different members of staff and for the family and even for special ceremonies to happen for those who are sick and dying.”

The chapel was built with partial funding from the Government of Belize and contributions by various partners totalling to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.


While the chapel is now open to the visitors and patients of the KHMH, the pews are yet to be installed as they are currently being built.