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A Closer Look at the Use of Lands in Belize

The Ministry of Natural Resources will be updating the National Land Use Policy and the National Land Use Planning Framework for Land Development in Belize. The updated framework is expected to articulate the country’s policy for the long term sustainable use and responsible development of land according to its suitability and functionality. It will be aligned with other work including the existing national plans such as the Horizon 2030, Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy, Sustainable Tourism Master Plan, and Coastal Zone Management Plan. According to the ministry, the National Land Use Policy will serve to inform sectoral policies dealing with land use such as forest, agriculture, human settlements, tourism, transport and other public uses and will seek to facilitate a holistic approach to development planning. The ministry will hold consultations with the Private Sector, Statutory Bodies, Municipal Governments, Civil Society Partners and Communities. The work will be done with support from the Agrer/I-MAGE Consult of Belgium during a course of twelve months.