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A Decade Later … BCG Gets Regulations for Internal Affairs

While the Belize Police Department and the Belize Defense Force fall under the Public Service, they are managed and disciplined by their very own regulations thus making any infraction liable for immediate repercussions.  Although the Belize Coast Guard has been in existence for a little over ten years now, Admiral Borland says they are only just looking to finalize the regulations for the BCG.


“It is not just coming in to be discussed, it’s something being worked on, something we’ve been working on for the better part of the ten years that you spoke about. Those regulations did come into effect I think in May 2011 but there were discrepancies with the authority of who signed into the statutory law the regulations and so it was nullified and take back for review and since then we have had a number of reviews but its at its final stages and will come into effect, I suppose shortly before the end of the first quarter of 2016. It is indeed the regulations not the act, the act empowers the regulation, they are not standing orders they are a little bit more than standing orders and since then we have been using the PSR which is the umbrella regulations for any government entity that is absent of their own regulations and it’s proven to be quite effective. It’s not a timely as we’d want it to but it still takes into consideration principles of natural justice and ensures that everyone is tried in fair and equitable manner and justice is served where it is due.

These regulations are looking to come into effect by the end of March 2016.