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A Defiant Delroy Cuthkelvin

Longstanding UDP supporter and former Press Secretary, Delroy Cuthkelvin says he will not appear before the party’s Ethics and Integrity Committee. Listeners will remember that the party’s leadership demanded that Cuthkelvin appear before the committee to answer for actions, which the party says continue to destroy its image. Those actions are in the form of videos and adverts, which were posted to Cuthkelvin’s Facebook page, openly criticizing Party Leader, Moses “Shyne” Barrow. Those adverts have also been broadcast on national television. Love News has acquired a copy of the letter Cuthkelvin wrote to the committee’s chairman, former Senator Aldo Salazar. Cuthkelvin says quote “I will NOT appear.” Cuthkelvin goes on to say that the committee instead should call former Party Leader John Saldivar to appear, following letters written by former area rep Ramon Witz and former Belmopan Mayor Simeon Lopez last year. Cuthkelvin even goes further to say that the committee should call former PM Dean Barrow to testify against members of his cabinet to quote “share word-of-mouth proof of corruption that the former Prime Minister recently told the nation and the world on the nightly news that he has against those former ministers…” Cuthkelvin tells Salazar that he would reconsider the request to appear when the committee moves on those “substantive” matters. Since the letter was just sent today, a response from Salazar is expected in the coming days. And we will follow the story to tell you what happens next.