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A Dozen Orange Walk Businesswomen Take Their Businesses to the Next Level

Twelve women successfully finished an entrepreneurship program in Orange Walk. A graduation ceremony was held in Sugar City today where the Prime Minister himself attended. Dale McDougall tells us more about the program and its impact in the following report. 

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize:You have the skills to run a successful business. You do it every single day.”

Dale McDougal, Love FM News: And from now on, Orange Walk entrepreneurs can hone those skills to create successful business in their community thanks to BELTRAIDE’s female entrepreneurship program. Yessenia Guerra is a 36 year old mother of three whose story began by watching other women participate in BELTRAIDE programs. 

Yessenia Guerra, Orange Walk Businesswoman & Graduate: “I started catering their seminars and I said once to one of the trainers or one of the advisors, I said I don’t just want to come here and deliver my food. I want to one day be in that class.”

Dale McDougal, Love FM News: It was that desire to learn, the economic challenges brought on by COVID-19 and the need to provide for her children that drove her to push toward the end goal.

Yessenia Guerra, Orange Walk Businesswoman & Graduate: I wasn’t able to cater. I wasn’t able to have my foods out. I wasn’t able and I was a single mother so I needed to find a way how to bring back this finance home.” 

Dale McDougal, Love FM News: Women like Guerra understand the setbacks very well but Executive Director Dr. Leroy Almendarez explains that the idea is to empower as many female entrepreneurs as possible. 

Dr. Leroy Almendarez, Executive Director, BELTRAIDE: “This methodology that we’re exercising here or discussing or participating or graduating from this morning started with Sempro Mepe and Sempro Mepe is that MSME organisation that represents MSMEs in Central America and we have done it before in the south and we came north and of course what we want to do is to blanket the country.”

Dale McDougal, Love FM News: And for CEO Ambassador Amalia Mai, this is part of the Government’s agenda to provide support to many vulnerable groups.  

Amalia Mai, CEO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade: “The importance of supporting women is very critical to us in Belize and we don’t want to leave any of the men behind so we’re encouraging many other projects that involve women.” 

Dale McDougal, Love FM News: Guerra who makes and distributes her own peppers explains with her knowledge, she’s confident to offer an exceptional product and provide for her children. 

Yessenia Guerra, Orange Walk Businesswoman & Graduate: “I believe with everything, I don’t believe, I know that with everything I learned in that class and now I am putting it into practice. That will be a big change for my future and for the future of my kids at home.” 

Dale McDougal, Love FM News: Support for this program was provided by the Government and people of the Republic of Taiwan. For Love News, I’m Dale McDougal.