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A Dozen Starter Homes for Albert Residents

Twelve families will be receiving keys to new homes in the Albert constituency over the course of this week.  Area Representative, Tracy Taegar Panton was in the Conch Shell Bay area this morning handing over keys to a senior citizen, Alexandrina Flores who lived in a dilapidated mobile home for over thirty years.  Love News caught up with Minister Panton in that area.


This project was funded through OPEC the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project, this is phase two of the project and initially in phase one the constituents of this area were not a part of the consideration however it was part of the map in terms of where homes could be built and which residents should be the beneficiaries of it. So we lobbied very hard to ensure that in phase two and hopefully in phase three we’d be able to have some positive impact on the residents in this area and with the support of the Ministry of Human Development and also the Ministry of Works we were able to get twelve families who were in dire need of the homes to be supported and so we are very pleased by that. The homes are two bedrooms, one bathroom, there will be a kitchen area and a living room area. It is a low income home, a starter home, the value of these houses are between $26,000 and $30,000 Belize and they are not completed as you can see but they will be wired for electricity and that sort of thing and so homeowners really have an opportunity to stay warm and stay dry. A lot of the homes that have been replaced or new homes that have been built are for families who never had access prior to housing support and so this is the first time. We’ve done a few homes in the past, maybe four or five homes in the past, individually but this is the first time we get to complete twelve at the same time and so this week through the course of this week we will be meeting with homeowners and handing over the keys so that we can wrap up the project within another week or two.”

67-year-old, Flores, who lives with her mother, was staying with relatives in Ladyville Village, Belize District since her mobile home was dismantled and replaced with the two bedroom starter home.  She says this new found comfort means very much to her.


Now we won’t be getting wet so that is a big improvement and gradually we will just paint and finish doing what we have to do.”


In terms of furniture and supplies for the house you already have that?”


Yes we already have that we just had to store it somewhere else. The house was dismantled more in May so by the time that as finished this month they started by the end of May so on the first of June they started.”

The twelve homes are in the Courtenay Crescent and Conch Shell Bay area as explained by Minister Panton.


So Courtney Crescent there is a home there, most of the residents come from this quadrant, all the way here to Conch Shell Bay. Not all of them have land in the area, some of the residents got leased lands in the Lake I constituency in Gungulung and those areas but they are still Albert recipients because they either lived in this area or they are a part of the families that have continued to support the work that we are doing in the division.”

The OPEC Fund is the source of funding for these homes which Minister Panton was able to access with the approval of Cabinet.