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A family in San Pedro says they have been hoodwinked and lied to by a former government minister

A family in San Pedro Town is claiming that they were deceived by a former Government Minister when they tried to purchase a piece of land on the island.  25-year-old Josie Lopez told Love News that they have been trying for over ten years to obtain a property located directly in front of their home.  When they approached a certain minister to acquire the land they were told that it was not available for sale or lease since it is Crown land.  Fast forward to today and the land is now being sold by a real estate company on the island. The family claims that they have invested time and money in the land as it was not being cleaned or attended to.  They say they were later blindsided by the lies and false promises of the minister.

Josie Lopez, Complainant: “She and the other families went and you know cut it down and they started to fill land and invest some time and their money on the place. We use the spot to pull up our boat for it to be painted and we also use it to clean our fish and my mom has always tried to purchase the land from the minister and the councilor and then they have always told her that it couldn’t be sold because it’s the Queen’s Land and they only gave her a permission for I think five years and after that they didn’t want to renew the permission. So when she found out a little time after that it was sold then she started to investigate about it more.”

Reporter: Permission for what ?

Josie Lopez, Complainant: “A permission that we could use the land.”

Reporter: Was that in writing ?

Josie Lopez, Complainant: Yes it was. After she investigated that it was sold we came directly to _________ and we asked him about it and then he went to Belmopan and then he said he would have tried to get the little piece that was left for the three families that have always been there, has always invested their time there and so it came and nothing came out of it and then right now it’s on sale from a guy in Remax. We have attempted to purchase the land and they refused to sell us because they have always said that it’s a Queen’s Land and it can’t be sold. Before the elections he knew, we approached him and then he had us go into his office but then that was after we found out that it was sold. He had us go in his office to sign a paper and he said that he would have taken out the purchase price for the three families that invested back there and then nothing came out of it and since he’s out of office now.”