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A Fearless BNTU Will Abandon Classes to Demonstrate

The teachers will take to the streets of Belmopan on Monday and the Ministry of Education is doing all it can to keep classes open. The Ministry blasted off a release late yesterday evening in which it reminded teachers, especially those who will demonstrate on Monday, that they might not get paid for that day. President of the Belize National Teachers Union, Luke Palacio, says that teachers are aware of that.

In its release, the Ministry of Education warned all school principals they do not have the legal standings to cancel classes or to inform the student body that there will be no classes on Monday. Any principal who issues out such memo will be dealt accordingly, according to the release. Palacio views this as a threat.

Palacio say they had a few obstacles in obtaining their permit for Monday’s demonstration.

Minister of Education, Patrick Faber had stated that he believes that BNTU is politically motivated. Palacio says those assertions are absurd.

We will be in Belmopan on Monday and will keep you updated.