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A Granddaughter’s Tribute to Dr Karl Heusner

Dr. Karl Stanislaus Heusner died at the age 88 in 1960 and up to this day, his legacy as a great healer of his time continues to live on. His granddaughter, June Heusner, has authored a book in his memory. The book is titled, “The Life, Times and Legacy of Dr. Karl Stanislaus Heusner” and it was launched today at the chapel of the hospital that was named after him. The author, June Heusner, had been collecting information on the life of her grandfather and today she presented the book to the public. Heusner spoke on her accomplishment and the life, times and legacy of Dr. Karl Stanislaus Heusner.


The book will be available for sale across the country for twenty five dollars. The proceeds of the sale will be deposited in a Heritage Bank account and used to build a bust in the honor of Dr. Karl Heusner.