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A group of single parents will soon enjoy the fruits of their labour

Today, the Jane Usher Boulevard Neighbourhood (JUBN) held an opening ceremony for the Port Loyola Urban Gardens Greenhouse at the YMCA compound on Faber’s Road. JUBN is made up of twenty-five single parents who want to provide food for their families. Janet Cutkelvin, Coordinator for JUBN spoke about the initiative.

Janet Cutkelvin – Coordinator, JUBN

“The Project came about from two or three single women that couldn’t provide food for their families and we had liaised with several different people Ms. Jane Bennet from UWI and Ms. Cynthia Ellis Topsey that lives in Cayo and those are the people that liaised with different organizations and network for us and then we went to GEF to present our project and we got a grant of fifty thousand U.S. dollars and that’s how this project came about to do this gardening in the Jane Usher community area.”

Abraham Gonzalez, Extension Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture has been assisting the group by providing training on how to plant a garden.

Abraham Gonzalez, Extension Officer, Ministry of Agriculture

“Agriculture is a science-based thing and once you follow the science behind it then it will not be that difficult. You have to plant, you have to know how to plant the seeds, how to water them, how to fertilize them and all that, and that’s our role to show people how to do those things. This will be the main garden but each of the recipients, they are recipients in the community in the Jane Usher neighborhood. There are twenty-five of them and each of them will be having a garden in their backyards as a matter of fact some of them already have so all we are doing is supplementing structure. We’ll be planting tomatoes and sweet peppers, those will be the main ones but in the garden, in the family gardens, we shall be planting tomatoes, sweet pepper things like spinach plus other herbs and spices.”

The project is being funded by GEF Small Grants Program at a cost of fifty thousand US dollars. In three months’ time, the members of JUBN will be able to harvest their first crop.