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A late swearing in for Mike Espat

Cabinet met in session today with several issues still on the table including the disposal of government assets prior to the general elections as well as the economic situation and the Covid-19 strategy.  Prime Minister John Briceno had indicated in an interview with Love News following the last Cabinet meeting that a weekly update would be provided on matters tabled in each meeting.  Up to news time tonight no such update was received.  We are, however, on the lookout.  In other related Cabinet news, Area Representative for Toledo East Michael Espat was sworn in yesterday as a member of Parliament and as a Cabinet Minister.   He will serve in the Ministry of Finance as a Minister of State.  Espat’s late swearing in is due to his recent bout with Covid-19 that had him in quarantine for the past two weeks.  Espat was tested positive two days after the November 11 general election.  He was hospitalized for a few days at the Belize Healthcare Partners Limited and is now dubbed as recovered.  Three other PUP Parliamentarians have also tested positive for Covid-19 since the general election including Prime Minister John Briceno.  The Prime Minister tested positive on November 23 and indicated via a public statement yesterday that he is asymptomatic and is well on the way to recovery.  Area Representative for Cayo West Jorge Espat also tested positive on November 15 and had made a public statement regarding his status.  The most recent Covid-19 positive Government Minister is Dolores Balderamos Garcia who is currently in quarantine with other family members after testing positive over the weekend.