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A Legal Team for the People’s United Party

Earlier we told you of the Economic Development Team that the People’s United Party is in the process of creating.  There are several other teams and committees in the making including a legal team.  Party Leader John Briceno spoke on the mandate of the party’s legal team.


“We are setting up a group of legal team. We have a legal advisor who is Anthony Sylvester Jr but we also believe that there are many issues that we need to look at for instance proposed bills that the government will present to us, we want a team of lawyers to look at it, we want to look at the issue of legal clinics, we want to look at if there is going to be any challenges to the government on any issue so we want to get a group of lawyers that we can depend on.”

The current Legal Advisor for the PUP is Senator Anthony Sylvestre Jr.   There have been no indications that Sylvestre will lose that seat although he is being taken off the Senate.  In a release from the PUP today, the three newly announced Senators for the Opposition, namely Valerie Woods, Paul Thompson and Eamon Courtenay, will be sworn in at the next sitting of the Senate.