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A Look at the Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Camp

For months now we have been covering the efforts and contributions made by two American organizations, namely, Peacework and Price Waterhouse Coopers, as they relate to the lessons in financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills that they have been giving to Belizean students.  Over the course of the summer, primary and secondary students from various institutions have been attending these sessions and today saw the conclusion of a primary and a secondary camp in Belize City.  Love News was at Saint Joseph School where one of the primary school camps concluded.  We spoke to the students to ask them what triggered them to attend and what they have learnt.

Over the course of the last three days, students were sensitized on the importance of budgeting their monies, spending wisely and saving.  They also got lessons in entrepreneurship and as part of a final project, the students were placed in groups where they had to develop a business and market it.  We spoke to three groups on their business ideas ranging from jewellery sales, Italian foods and shopping mall. .

While doing our coverage at the closing of this FLE Summer Camp, we met up with Education minister …. But he was not there in a ministerial or political capacity.

Participating schools included Hummingbird Elementary, Buttonwood Bay Primary School, All Saints, Saint Joseph Primary, among others.  Meanwhile one of the secondary camps ended today also at the Anglican Cathedral College in Belize City.