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A Look at the Performance in PSE 2017

The academic year 2016/2017 has thirty students placing in the top twenty five in the PSE results as there was a tie among some students.  Bernice Yorke Institute of Learning has taken the place of best performing school for this year as they have previously done in 2012, 2013 and 2015.  Among this year’s top twenty five, seventeen of them are from private primary institutions with the Belize District accounting for eighteen of them.  The Ministry of Education issued the results in detail earlier today, explaining that the outcome of this exam is not to be used as the sole deciding factor when it comes to acceptance at a high school.  According to the ministry there are two main objectives of this examination and they are to certify the completion or primary school and to be used to make practical decisions when it comes to policy and planning for education.  The four areas tested were Math, English, Science and Social Studies.  Math and English are the two main areas where the performance has not been exceptional.  For this year, Mathematics has seen only thirty seven percent of the students achieving a satisfactory level of performance or better; meaning they attained a C Grade or higher.  It is a bit better than last year by about two percent but that slight improvement is clouded by the forty nine percent of inadequate performance.  When it comes to Social Studies, a marked improvement has been noted with thirty one percent of the students attaining Grade A range; in 2016 it was only twenty one percent.  Science, however, went from a seventy percent of the students scoring a satisfactory grade or higher to only fifty eight percent doing so this year.  English has remained more or less very stable, with annual fluctuations, showing only a very slight upward trend.  In the PSE, Grade A is considered between eighty and one hundred percent; Grade B is from seventy to seventy nine percent; C Grade is considered satisfactory from sixty to sixty nine percent whilst Grade D is considered adequate and Grade E is inadequate, translating to forty nine percent and below.