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A Look Into the ICU of the KHMH

Love News made a visit today to the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City and had the opportunity to speak with Dr Pedro Arriaga, who manages the ICU along with Dr Jorge Hidalgo.

Dr Pedro ArriagaDR PEDRO ARRIAGA: “This is a general ICU. We handle trauma, we have a lot of car accidents and we have gunshot victims here but trauma is actually the most common one. In general we have a variety of cases, infections, complications of pregnancies and those kinds of things. We have three people who are supposed to be physicians working here Dr.Hidalgo, myself and Dr.Ortiz and we have sixteen or seventeen nurses working us.”

According to Dr Hidalgo, the ICU was recently opened and there has been excellent team work in the unit despite some challenges.

Dr Jorge Hidalgo 2DR JORGE HIDALGO: “Dr.Ariagga and I manage the ICU, actually this ICU was opened recently and we have a group of nurses that are dedicated to the unit. We also have a respiratory therapy team in that they work in critical care but now is not like before that someone running the whole show, now everything is managed as a team and we are proud that we have a very good team of people that work with us in this unit. Most importantly however is that the administration has been very supportive of us because we used to have very limited equipment, we still have a lot to grow and improve but I think compared to fire years ago and where we are now it’s a huge difference.”

There are three physicians and about sixteen nurses attached to the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.