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A Memorial Day for Tomari Jackson Declared

Fourteen year old American student, Tomari Jackson lost his life on February 13. Jackson went swimming with an environmental group that was visiting Belize. Jackson was swimming at Tiger Sandy Bay, when he went into the water and his body was found floating the next morning by coast guard officials. The Belize Study Abroad Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary has taken some responsibility, since Tomari was a visitor at their wildlife sanctuary. The education center posted on their Facebook page an initiative that they have taken on which includes dedicating a community park in his name as well as celebrating February 13 as Tomari Jackson Day. The Facebook page states “As a community, we are collectively heartbroken in grieving the loss of his young life. We are reaching out to you in support of Tomari’s family at this difficult time to help mitigate the cost of his funeral expenses and to realize the dream of dedicating a community park in St. Matthew’s Village. The vision is to create The Tomari Jackson Memorial Park…Although Tomari’s visit was brief, it impacted our people in a very special way and we hope to continue to honor his memory. Every year we will have a “Tomari Jackson Day” involving Monkey Bay, St. Matthew’s Government School and community residents. Memorial activities and sports activities would be held in St. Matthew’s Village on this day to celebrate his life.” End of Quote. Tomari Jackson died just a day before his fifteenth birthday.