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A Mobile App to Boost Economic Activity in Old Capital

Mobile apps are gaining fast popularity as the use of smart phone grows globally. Belize is no different as Belizeans and businesses are making the most of technology seeking speed, efficiency, and advertising among many more reasons. Today, the Belize City Council announced that it is joining the fast-paced world and launched the first ever Belize City App to promote business activity in Belize City. Councilor Bernard Pitts describes the free app that is already available to smart phone owners.


“It’s on both platforms the IOS platform for Apple and it’s on the android platform. In downloading this app you will have free use of it, currently it’s a free app and from whatever location you are in Belize City you will be able to find any business or any place that is registered with this app meaning if you have a business you can sign up, your advertising is free for the first two months and whatever promotion you have you can put on there so essentially if you want a taxi right now you can go on that app at the taxi category and from Belize City Council you will be able to find where that taxi stand is, you will be able to map that location directly but most importantly you will be able to call directly to them. Now the purpose of this for taxis is because we are going to use those who are registered with us. So it gives that power to them it gives that recognition, it allows them to be out there more professionally and people will trust their service. On this app there is a section for advertising and this is primarily for businesses and it includes the media as well. Signing up is free and you can showcase your business. Anyone in the city if there are 20,000 who have downloaded this app they will get that notification when you get that promotion for your business and that is how far it’s going. The population of Belize City is around 67,000 just imagine 40,000 people that have a smart phone and they have the use of this app they will get that notification from any business that is registered with it. For the time being we want to extend it free to the public to anyone who chooses to download the app, it is very interactive all that you want is there, currently we are going to ask any business who wants to put their business location or whatever it is this app will do just that.”

A visitors section is also on the app that will help tourists traverse the city.