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A National Hero Remembered on 97th Birthday

Today, January 15 marks the 97th birthday of the Right Honorable George Cadle Price; Belize’s first Premier and the country’s first Prime Minister.  The national hero can and will be remembered for many achievements of the nation and this morning during a wreath laying ceremony at the Lord Ridge Cemetery in Belize City where he was laid to rest.  Robert Usher made a presentation at the grave site.

ROBERT USHER: “It was June 1st 1973 that British Honduras became Belize. It was a new beginning and it was received and accepted by the many patriotic Belizeans who believed in the vision of the man who’s birthday we remember today. The man who wanted to be known simply as George Price. No entourage of security personnel just him and us and the people, he was a leader. In a couple of weeks we will be having a convention to  elect a new leader for our party and to elect officers for certain posts that are being contested. The work begun by George Price must continue and whoever are chosen as leaders must continue to emulate the work of he who devoted his life to this party.”

The second presentation at Price’s grave was done by former Prime Minister; Right Honorable Said Musa who pointed out that more should be done to celebrate the birth of George Price who dedicated his life to the development of Belize.

SAID MUSA: “Today January the 15th is George Price’s birthday. Today January the 15th is also Martin Luther King’s birthday. In the United States of America it’s a holiday to commemorate the birth of the hero Martin Luther King. In Belize we should be celebrating a birthday today to celebrate the birth of our hero, our National Hero George Price. Today January 15 1919 when Mr.Price was born is also the day when a great revolutionary was killed, her name was Rosa Luxemburg. She was a philosopher born in Poland, became a German and she was killed for her beliefs. In fact she was bludgeoned to death and thrown in a canal in Berlin and if any of you children one day go to Berlin in Germany you should go to that Canal and you would see a monument to Rosa Luxemburg who was called a communist, in fact she was a socialist philosopher. I am mentioning her because Mr.George Price was also a philosopher in his own way. Many great things were done by George Price, the father of our nation.”

According to Francis Fonseca, the current PUP Party Leader, Price earned this annual tribute as he is the great leader of the People’s United Party.

FRANCIS FONSECA: George Price is our great leader. The People’s United Party is his party, we view ourselves as his children so just as I would, as I come to my own mother’s grave each year to pay tribute to her I see myself as a child of George Price and that is how we in th People’s United Party see ourselves, as children of George Price. We have a special duty, obligation or responsibility to pay tribute to our father.”

Present at this morning’s event were several students of the St Martin’s de Porres area as well as some members of the PUP and a few supporters.