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A New Brand for Belize City

In conjunction with the Inter-American Development Bank and CARILED, the Belize City Council officially launched the Belize City Branding initiative with a parade through downtown Belize City. According to Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, the brand reflects the diversity and importance of Belize City.


“One of the things that we really like with what he did was that he incorporated a lot of colors done by other agencies done by the Belize Tourism Board and he incorporated a lot of sentiments about Belize City that resonated with members of the public so that if you notice the shirt I am wearing, this is the brand that he came up with. It looks at many of the same colors that are in the BTB logo but is reflecting of a lot of the imagery from Belize City so that you will see that it is a lot of interlocking discs that could mean the diversity of Belize City, that could refer to the water , it could also reference it to being like a carnival mask, there is reference to it being also like a coconut tree so one of the things that we like about the  brand is that it can represent many things to many people and that really encapsulates the core feature of Belize City which is our diversity and I think that is a central thing that the city itself offers. One of the things that residents will see is that we are going to have some banners about the city promoting it so that we are doing a series of different activities just to sensitize members of the public about the brand itself. We are giving away a lot of t-shirts so that people can wear the t-shirts. We are also going to promote a lot of items like bags and pens and different things like that, bumper stickers so that people can feel a more positive image about Belize City.”

A soft launch of the brand will be held tomorrow at the Belize Biltmore Plaza