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A Prayer and Blessing for the Upcoming Lobster Season

In two days the lobster season will be officially opened.  It is a crucial time for the fisheries sector and the economy in general as it contributes significantly to the livelihood of fisher folks and their families as well as the public in general.  This morning there was a special spiritual ceremony held at the Haulover Creek behind the Commercial Centre on Regent Street in Belize City.  Ralna Lewis of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) spoke of the significance of this morning’s event.


As you know the 15th of June is actually the opening of Lobster season so we have a lot of fisheries in Belize City who have their vessels docked by the commercial center so we decided to have a blessing of the vessel and fishers, this is the third year since we have been doing it so we ask fishers to come out before they venture out to sea to receive God’s grace and guidance and protection as they go out. As we all know being on the sea is a very dangerous job, I believe it was the opening of conch season last year where some fishermen lost their lives so we always seek God’s protection as we go out and we pray that we have a bountiful lobster season as well, it’s one of the biggest contributors when it comes to the fisheries sector.”

Beverly Wade is the Fisheries Administrator; she spoke of what the expectations are from the fisher folks for this season.


The lobster as you know is our number one catcher fisheries in Belize which basically means it contributes to the most in terms of income earnings. We are just asking all the fishers who are involved with lobster to respect the fisheries laws, they are there to ensure that we have productive seasons and to ensure the long term viability of the fishery for them. Lobster is a commodity that is doing very well for us, Belize has been transitioning to the whole lobster exportation which has resulted in more returns to the fishers and better markets for us and so we are very much happy about that and we have all indication that this year should be a good season for us in Belize.”


Lobster season runs from June 15 through to February 15.