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A PUP family is attacked in a home invasion

Police have detained one of three male persons who invaded the home of PUP Standard Bearer Marconi Leal.  The home invasion occurred just after nine o’clock last night in Sandhill Village, Belize District.  The men reportedly tied up Leal’s wife, his daughter and daughter-in-law in separate bedrooms and demanded information on the location of Leal’s money.  Reports to our newsroom say that Leal was with his two sons attending a campaign meeting when they got a call alerting them of the persistent barking of their dogs and a strange vehicle at the house.  We spoke with Leal this evening who says that he suspects the incident may have been politically motivated.

Marconi Leal, PUP Standard Bearer, Belize Rural North: “When I got home last night a little bit after nine after doing some political work in the village and I am thankful I was out there because it feels like I was the target – but my wife, my daughter and also my daughter-in-law who just recently had a baby was at home. Three guys came in, two of them with masks one without and they tied up my wife, my daughter,  tied their hands behind their backs and started to ransack two rooms and demanding money, put knife at my wife’s throat telling my wife “Where is the money, where is the money, where is the money or I’ll slit your throat.” you know and my wife told them no money but they found some money after a few minutes. After a few minutes they found money, they found like $600 and because they couldn’t get the amount that they wanted they said “We will take some stuff and we feel like killing all of you.” They got my fifty five inch TV put it in the car, two laptops , three phones and took off but we kind of saw them and we went after them and they ran off the road but they got out of the car and got away. So we got the car, we called the police and I guess some time today they caught one of them because they left a license – because it’s a rented car and the police got the car from last night. My wife and daughter and daughter-in-law they’re so traumatized, you know it’s not something nice for any family anywhere.”

Reporter: Do you think this was politically motivated ?

Marconi Leal, PUP Standard Bearer, Belize Rural North: “Yes I believe so. You know I don’t have any facts to prove it but I believe so and I believe they wanted me but I wasn’t there thank god.”

Leal, his sons and other campaigners rushed over to the house to find the men leaving the scene.  One of the sons, Darren Leal set chase on the men who subsequently crashed their getaway vehicle into a fence.  They abandoned the vehicle and residents pursued them in some bushes.  The laptop, desktop and other electronics stolen were recovered in the crashed blue 2000 Chrysler sedan.  Love News understands that the men were armed with guns and a knife.