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A raging bull escaped the Rodeo and caused a commotion

You’ve heard about the cow jumping the move in children’s stories but over the weekend, the nation saw the bull that jumped over the fence. It was the most intense part of Agric this past weekend. Luckily, no one was injured and the bull was safely captured and put to rest. Love News was there when the bull broke free and reporter Vejea Alvarez has the story. 

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: A dog laughed when the cow jumped over the moon but on Sunday, frantic fans scattered when the bull jumped over the fence. This was the moment when the National Agriculture and Trade Show’s Rodeo took on a life of its own. A behemoth beast named “Compadre” leaped over the 11 foot high fence and into a group of spectators giving them the fright of their lives. 

We can see that bull doesn’t want to get back in. The cowboys are chasing it a bit round. That’s why they have advised that persons don’t go too close to the fence because these bulls are very dangerous.  Oh my gosh! The bull ran over! The bull got away! The bull jumped right over the fence! Oh my gosh! You guys can see the bull ran right over the, jumped right over the fence! Persons are running! After Compadre dashed out of the arena, he stood face to face with a terrified vendor before making a run for it right into the main showgrounds with several cowboys sprinting behind him as fast as they could. Compadre’s terror then continued as he stampeded through stalls resisting all efforts of the cattlemen to recapture him. But Compadre’s death defying escape came to an end not too long after as one brave cowboy managed to lasso the enormous brute by the neck. He then fell to the ground, putting up a ferocious fight against over 20 cowboys as spectators watched in awe. Despite his powerful kicking, Compadre was overpowered, tied up and taken back into the corral. It’s an exciting series of events that Hugo Miranda, the National Coordinator of the rodeo, says was all a part of the spectacular show. 

Hugo Miranda, National Coordinator, Livestock Show and Rodeo: “I don’t think that people were frightened. That is part of the adrenaline that people are looking for when they come to see a rodeo. The rodeo, people know and they expect these things. One of our bulls jumped the entire corral and I guess he wanted to have fun just like you so he decided to travel around the showgrounds. Nevertheless, let me tell you that all these things are planned for. So, we have six cattlemen that were prepared including others that volunteered so at one point we had about 20 cattlemen looking for that bull and fortunately, he was captured fast. Our cattlemen are well trained. They have a wealth of experience. Thus the reason why we didn’t have any major incident. Probably one or two kids must have been touched by the bull. We expect that because nothing is 100%.” 

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: While Miranda says the cattlement were trained and prepared for an occasion like this, he concedes that it could have been far far worse. What could have happened if that bull was more aggressive? What could have happened?

Hugo Miranda, National Coordinator, Livestock Show and Rodeo: “I don’t even want to mention it because those bulls, if they jump a corral which is 11 feet high, imagine what could have happened if they would have ran through the galleries. They would have hurt a lot of people.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Fortunately, no major injuries were caused by Compadre’s energetic escape. He was then locked up and left to relax for the rest of the rodeo, punctuating what was probably the most exhilarating Agric in recent memory. Reporting for Love News, I’m Vejea Alvarez.