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A Replacement for Boots in Port

With Minister Anthony Boots Martinez preparing to wrap up his political career, he does have his eyes out for a replacement and it seems that he just may have found one in the name of Dean Samuels.


I have looked on several people to be successors.  I have asked a couple people if they were interested; so, I definitely have in mind, at least, let me say this, and I want, at least at this point, I have in  mind Councillor Dean Samuels for this position.  I am supporting him as of now for trying to the next representative of Port.  I want to be clear; as representative now, my term comes to an end when there is the dissolution of the House.  Until then, I am the representative and I will be vigilant in terms of service to my people and everything.  So it is not a thing where I will leave the people; whatsoever is the program, I will do; because I will guarantee the party that this seat will be delivered to the party in the next election.  The political capital, I will hold irregardless of who is the standard bearer.”

Love News contacted Samuels following our interview with Minister Martinez and while he was unavailable for an on-camera interview, he did provide us with a statement, saying, quote, “Most definitely it’s a privilege to be endorsed by the Honorable minister as the best person to be his replacement in Port Loyola.  I have been his protégé for years in Port.  I have worked every city council elections and general elections with him in the division; worked infrastructural projects closely within the area with him.  I am glad he has such trust and faith in me to continue the hard work he has started and I am looking forward to the redistricting and re-registration exercise that are coming up as well as meeting with the people and getting them back on voters list.  At the end of my term, it will be 12 years serving the Belize City Council.  I am at present the deputy mayor which I have held three times in my political career on the local level as well as several portfolios including the Traffic Department, Municipal Court, Zoning and Planning and Special Events.  I am looking forward to this political movement in Port Loyola.”  End of quote.