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A Resignation to Avoid Wasted Resources

On Friday we told you of the resignation of Estevan Perrera as the Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission.  His resignation came a few weeks after he had placed on record that his appointment is for a term of 5 years minimum unless the Briceno administration could prove wrongdoing on his part.  He made it clear that he is within his legal rights to remain as the Chairman despite clamoring from the recently elected administration for him to leave.  Perrera reached out to our newsroom with a comment today, saying, quote, “It is unfortunate that the composition of the Election and Boundaries Commission has become publicized to the extent that it has. The mere fact that it was raised at the House of Representative speaks volumes about our democracy and the sanctity of our constitution.  Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic and at unfortunate financial times. What the country needs right now is unity and for the Government to utilize its remaining resources as best as possible for the benefit of the people. For me to remain, would cause unnecessary delays and wasted resources as the Government has already decided not to work with the previous composition of the Commission. It is for the above reason that I ultimately decided to resign.”  End of quote.