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Rossana Briceno, Special Envoy for the Development of Families and Children

A Special Envoy for Families and Children Presented

Belize’s new Special Envoy for the Development of Families and Children was officially introduced this morning in Belize City.  Rossana Briceno, wife of Prime Minister John Briceno was officially installed this morning at a ceremony at the Laing Building.  During the hour-long ceremony, Rossana Briceno spoke on the importance of her role as well as the programs she plans to initiate and see through during her term.

Rossana Briceno, Special Envoy for the Development of Families and Children:I am a school teacher, I am a principal. I love children and I am passionate about their wholistic development. To this end I continue to work at St.Peter’s Anglican School in Orange Walk Town where we have developed a program that includes children with special needs. Our school integrates children of diverse talents and needs, an experiment that has provided a full learning experience for all our students. I believe all our children are special and we owe each and every one of them the chance to grow strong, safe and reach their full and their best potential. It is my hope that through this office I can use my voice to bring greater priority to the development of our children. Of course for this to happen all of us must appreciate and understand the important role families – all families – play in the development of our nation. I want to help John and his government give the next generation the best chance at success and I believe that this can only happen if we recognize the crucial role the family plays in the formation of our children and in the building of productive communities and societies. This is why I worked with Minister Balderamos Garcia and CEO Tanya Santos Neal to define my role as the Special Envoy for the Development of Families and Children. See, good societies are built up when all of us see the value in each other. It is built up when family is first and when the community understands that we must always work for the betterment of our children, it is a work that is always in progress.”

Prime Minister John Briceno accompanied his wife during the ceremony this morning.  In a brief statement to the press and invited guests, the Prime Minister expressed full confidence in his wife’s ability as well as an admiration for her passion and drive for the betterment of children and families.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize:The same tenacity that she brings to her work as an educator she will be bringing to her work as an advocate. So I know there will be some rough days ahead as she pushes forward on her ambitious agenda.”

Belize’s first and former Special Envoy for Women and Children, Dolores Balderamos Garcia was also at this morning’s ceremony.  As the Minister of Human Development, Minister Balderamos will be working closely with the Special Envoy which she says will be a fruitful experience.

Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Minister of Human Development, Families and Indigenous People’s Affairs



Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Minister of Human Development, Families and Indigenous People’s Affairs: “She is an accomplished and outstanding professional. She is an educator with a special heart for children with special needs. Yes she’s the wife of the Prime Minister but he better behave himself around her. Rossana I only want to say to you dear again how thrilled we are that you will be accepting this remit as our special envoy. I don’t even have a doubt not even for a nanosecond that she, I have no doubt that she will do us absolutely proud in the work that she undertakes and we pledge to her our commitment to make it happen and to make Belize a better place where ‘everybody fu win’.  All our children, all our families, all our men, all our elderly, disabled, anyone with special needs we know that this can happen and I offer you Rossana my heartiest congratulations and support.”

Rossana Briceño has been an educator, particularly for special needs students for over three decades.  She has taught at Stella Maris School, Belize Teachers College, and currently holds the office of Principal at St. Peter’s Anglican School in Orange Walk Town.  She has been an advocate for students with special needs since 1987 and has worked closely with women’s groups.  Briceno holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership as well as a Master’s degree in Curriculum Development and Diagnostic Assessment. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education.  In this morning’s ceremony the Special Envoy was accompanied by the Prime Minister, and Belize’s first and former Special Envoy, Dolores Balderamos Garcia.