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A Spectacular Showcase of Lanterns by the Taiwanese Embassy

Last night 250 water lanterns illuminated the Ramada Princess Swimming Pool as part of the 2017 Spotlight Taiwan Culture Exchange Program. As part of the program, participants were taught how to construct the traditional Taiwanese water lantern with wishes and prayer written on them. The lanterns were then set afloat in the pool as part of the ‘Make A Wish Water Lantern Night’. Love News was present and we spoke to Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, Charles Keh-Yue Liu.

“The Lantern Festival in Taiwan is a very good tradition. We light the lantern and we let them float on the water to make our wish come true and in an effort to make our dream come true we also light up the candles inside the lanterns. That means that when we push out the lantern on the water we will have a guiding light in our life to make it a double meaning for the Lantern Festival. It is the second time that the NICH Cultural Program has been doing this and the Taiwan embassy is really proud to continue to be a partner with NICH and work for hand in hand with the Ministry of Education. So I think we can together make our cultures bloom in Belize and that we can also learn about the culture in Belize to make and enrich the Taiwanese culture.”

The water lanterns were released by regional and international youth leaders.