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A Stash of Weapons found in Container

Ten days ago, the Customs Department handed over to the Belize Police Department a container which contained ammunition and firearms. Initially custom officers found three nine millimeter empty magazines, one hundred nine millimeter hallow point Ruger brand round, twenty nine millimetre ballpoint Ruger brand rounds, eleven 204 Ruger brand rounds, forty 204 A- Merc Ruger brand rounds, a black Remington 700 gun barrel,  two firearm trigger assembly, a piece of rifle bolt, and a black nine millimeter slide with barrel in the container. However,  when police dug deeper, they found a  piece of nine-millimeter pistol stock with grip and trigger, a black point twenty-two LR pistol, two magazines along with ten rounds, a point twenty-two bulldog holster, and a black color gun case. The container was imported in the name of a US national living in Belize. However, that person has not been charged with any crime. So today ASP Alejandro Cowo was asked why.

ASP Alejandro Cowo

“That is a matter that was initially started by the Customs Department. They made that discovery and as result of that they called for the police department and members of the Police department went and it is now a joint operation conducting that investigation. The Customs department along with the Police department’s Anti-narcotic unit. The investigation is under its way; if anybody is to be charged when the investigation concludes it will decide if anybody will be charged or not but at this movement I can tell you it’s a joint investigation by the customs department and by the Police department.”

Hipolito Novelo

“Is there a hold up in charging this US national because as my colleague mentioned charges will come when the investigation will proceed and the person will be arraigned in court. Is there any hold up in charging the US National?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo

“No there is no hold up the investigation is still going on.”

We understand that the US national is a businessman operating in Dangriga.