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A Subvention for BERT to Be Penned

September 2016 saw BERT Ambulance Services in financial troubles and as a result they had opted to hand over the service to the Government of Belize.  After just completing eighteen years of service to the country, a convoy of ambulances was seen heading to the parking lot of the Central Health Region as part of its handing over.  Within one day, however, things took a turn and BERT was back in business as discussions on the way forward began with the Government of Belize.  In a few days, the two entities will be signing onto an agreement whereby the Government will be subsidizing BERT.


At BERT we are extremely appreciative of the collaboration we have with the government of Belize. We have a working MOU now. Last year as you recall we had run into financial problems and we had to close down. We went back to the negotiating table and the government continues to support us and they’ve decided to continue to support us due to the high quality of service that we provide. Apart from that it’s our vision to see this kind of service expand to the rest of the country and so the government has supported us tremendously, we appreciate the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance, the government and people of this country to ensure that we continue to provide this service to the country.”


When you talk about support could you give me a figure in terms of how much the government is subsidizing BERT with ?”


The subvention amounts to $45,000 a month and that’s generally for operations and its enough to keep the doors open at BERT.”

An official press conference is being planned for the signing of the agreement.