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A vacation nightmare

Bridgette Boegner will be turning forty this month and she decided to celebrate by taking a vacation in Belize. Boegner and her girlfriend came to Belize on Saturday looking forward to an amazing time, but instead their vacation turned into a nightmare.  Love News spoke with Boegner who said that they had a minor accident on a rented scooter and that was when things took a turn for the worse.

Bridgette Boegner – Tourist: On our way back we ended up having a misfortunate turning of the scooter and actually the scooter had only one pedal for the back seat rider and when she turned a little bit it alvakilterd the scooter and I ran into a curb and I chip my tooth. I have got makeup concealing it but a scab up here and abrasions here and the Police showed up and they asked me if everything was okay and I had blood and everything. I said yes everything is fine we just had to call the person who had the scooter and stuff and he was on his way and they said okay. They helped us get it off the side of the road and then the Police left and then whenever the guy came back that rented us the scooter he said no this damaged I can’t use this anymore. This is not good any longer; it’s totalled. I need you to pay me for the scooter. He said $3000 and we were like what and he said $1500 in American money and this scooter had over 9000 miles on it. It has a bent wheel from where it hit the curb. A little plastic was taken of but that’s not totaled.

Boegner said that the police officer had colluded with Gill since he took away their passport until she could pay Gill.

Bridgette Boegner Tourist: The Police had taken us to the station along with the bike or the scooter and he said that we needed to resolve the issue but because the banks were closed on Sunday and so was the American Embassy that the Police station ended up taking our passports to hold them so that we wouldn’t flee or leave the premises before giving the rental guy which is named Cecil the $1500 American dollars so of course the next day Cecil shows up who was the rental to the hotel to pick us up at 8. He has our passports in his hands; the Police officers no longer had our passports so he had control of our future in his hands and that’s not right.

Love News attempted to speak with Gill about the incident, but he refused to speak to us. Boegner has turned to the US Embassy for assistance.