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Abandoned Lots Turn Up Unlicensed Firearms and Ammunition

Last week Thursday and Friday, the Southside Strike Team assisted by the K9 Unit conducted a search in an abandoned lot on Reggae Street, Belize City which resulted in the discovery of a black nine millimeter pistol with an empty magazine. Searches were also conducted on an abandoned lot on Rivero Street which led to the discovery of a bag containing three hundred and twenty eight point eight grams of cannabis.  In addition, a lot on Armadillo Street was searched and there police found several transparent bags containing a total of three hundred and twenty one point six grams of cannabis. No one was in the immediate area, therefore the items were labeled as “Found Property”. The strike team then headed to Banak Street where they searched a lot and found one chrome and black J.A. point three eighty pistol with and  one black point three eighty Walter brand magazine hidden in a black plastic bag by the cement fence of the yard.