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Abigail Parham, 2018 Wavemaker

Last Saturday, Oceana held its ninth Annual General Meeting, AGM, for its dedicated “Wavemakers” at the George Price Center in Belmopan, Cayo District. Over two hundred and fifty Wavemakers were in attendance from across the country. Love news spoke with Alyssa Carnegie, Communications Director for Oceana, Belize who says that the Wavemakers were very instrumental in the efforts against offshore oil.

Alyssa Carnegie Communication Director Oceana Belize: “We had over 250 volunteers from all across the country join us in Belmopan at the George Price Center where we able to provide them with a campaign update and talk to them a little bit more of what the past year has been like for Oceana. Our volunteers are very active, they have Wavemaker clubs in different high schools and different primary schools. They do a lot of clean up campaigns; a lot of advocating.”

Carnegie added that Abigail Parham, a teacher at the Independence Junior College, is the 2018 Wavemaker of the year.   

 Alyssa Carnegie Communication Director Oceana Belize: Wavemaker of the year is Ms. Abigail Param. She is an exemplary Wavemaker and a great advocate for the conservation of Belize’s Marine Resources and great example to her students and to other Wavemakers who are also active and very energetic and doing all they can in their respective areas to draw attention to the importance of conservation and the importance of Belize Marine Resources.

 The Guest Speaker for the occasion was Gian Vasquez, History Lecturer of St. John’s College Junior College and Facilitator for the Referendum Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who gave a presentation on the Belize Guatemala Territorial Dispute.