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Accreditation Day: The Tool Box Talk

Today Belize joined in the celebration of World Accreditation Day. This year the day is being observed under the theme, “Delivering confidence in construction and the built environment”. This year’s theme highlights that standards and accredited conformity assessment are market based tools that can be used in the construction sector. In celebration of this day, the Belize Bureau of Standards is hosting a ‘taking a break to have a tool box talk’ session in Belize City. We spoke to the Director of the Belize Bureau of Standards, Jose Trejo.


“What are the benefits with accreditation when it comes to this specific area not only to the builders or the construction companies but the consumers and of course the government?”


“Well personally health and safety. If you walk on a construction site one would want to ensure that first and foremost the construction companies are using proper safety gear, that the environment in itself is safe in terms of the personnel who are working on the site. That is separate and aside from the materials that they are actually using and the tests in terms of aggregates for example, the hot mix they are using how do we make sure that they are reaching requirements, the core samples of cement and so on have to be tested and those things are important for us to ensure that when a building is constructed that all these safety requirements are met and so that is important for the construction industry. That is ultimately the objective here, to explain to them the importance of having and doing regular testing and that the testing is reliable in country.”

Representatives from the Central Building Authority, Public Utilities Commission and the University of Belize participated in the session.