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Accused Aide in Murder Case Acquitted; Arresting Officer Now Goes to Court

The civil suit brought by 28- year-old, Sharim Baeza, against the Retired Superintendent of Police, Eugene Fuentes, Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie and the Attorney General’s office wrapped up today in the court room of Justice Sonya Young. The case has its root in the 2003 murder of 34 year old Wilfredo Baeza- the father of Sharim Baeza. Back then when he was just 16 years old, Sharim Baeza was accused of helping to plan the murder of his father and as a result was charged for abetment and conspiracy to commit murder. During that trial, Baeza’s then attorney walked out on him leaving him to defend himself. He was found guilty and sentenced to life behind bars by Justice Traodio Gonzalez on October 5 2006. The matter was appealed, the conviction overturned and a retrial was ordered. Baeza was acquitted in 2014 and now, he is taking the man who decided to charge him; Retired Superintendent of Police, Eugene Fuentes who was the last witness to be called to testify this morning. At the conclusion of the trial, Baeza’s attorney, Phillip Palacio, told Love News what his client is seeking.

The defendants were represented by crown counsels Treena Young and Leonia Duncan. Written submissions are expected to be in by March 18.