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Accused Coast Guard's mother says there's more to the story

A member of the Belize Coast Guard has been arrested and charged for two counts of aggravated assault, one count of wounding and one count discharging a firearm in public.  23-year-old Brian Orellana, was arrested by Belmopan Police following a report made on September 1 by Christina Teul.  It is alleged that Orellana pointed a gun at Teul, threatening to shoot her.  The incident is reportedly the result of an argument between Orellana and Christina’s brother, Pedro.  Orellana’s mother, Rosita, spoke to Love News saying that there is more to the story than what the Teul family reported.

Rosita Orellana, Mother of Brian Orellana

Rosita Orellana, Mother of Brian Orellana : “The first thing the Teul family is a family of problems. They are well known to the police. Every Time they mess with people or they threaten people. This not anything new with my son.”
Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Tell us what you know about the incident then.
Rosita Orellana, Mother of Brian Orellana : “Well the incident what I know about is that Pedro went to my son’s house Sunday night. He gone and gone threaten my son and told him he will kill him just like they killed my other son Oswald Arnold. My son told him to leave and he didn’t leave. My son, I don’t know what happened after that until when I heard he was at the station that is how I got to know that he was at the station.”
Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: What do you say about the report that he was accused of hitting his aunt with the gun and also firing several shots?
Rosita Orellana, Mother of Brian Orellana : “I know that is a lie.” 
Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: How can you say that ? Or prove that ?
Brian Orellana, charged for two counts of aggravated assault, one count of wounding and one count discharging a firearm in public

Rosita Orellana, Mother of Brian Orellana : “My son, according to what she said, my son went and attacked her in her yard. My son was coming back because he was supposed to be bringing something out here for me and go back home. She actually told her two sons that my son was coming across the field. When they saw my son coming out they came out and they stoned my son off his bicycle and that is how Ms.Christina came out and she stoned my son too and she attacked him and told him that she would chop him like how they killed my son Oswald Arnold.”
Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Ma’am your son is a Coast Guard, he is detained right now at the Kolbe Foundation, do you know if he has a gun that he uses for the department or not?
Rosita Orellana, Mother of Brian Orellana : “My son doesn’t have any gun at all. So when they say that he fired shots I still am surprised because my son doesn’t own no gun. They said that they found an expended shell, I don’t know who shot, where the shot came from because as I said I was not there.”
Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Your son is detained right now, do you feel like they have your son there innocently? 
Rosita Orellana, Mother of Brian Orellana : “I know it’s innocently they have him there and another thing is that the police didn’t take a report from my son. My son went to the police station, waited whole day, no report, no medical was done on him he has some bruises on him. When he went and asked that they take a report from him they didn’t take no report from him at all, up to yesterday I was seeing to it and they still never took no report.”
Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Did you asked your son if he asked to give a report because maybe he decided not to give one.
: “I was right there when my son asked if he could give the report. They told him ‘right now’ every minute the told him ‘right now’ and they never did take down any. What I am asking justice for is for the police to do a fair job. Not because the Teuls they came to make the report first but there are two sides to a story, they don’t have one and the Teul are well known to the police, they well know how the Teuls behave already so it’s not the first time that a report came against anyone from them.”
Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: “Ma’am being a family especially in these times where the violent crime is high, I would want to see peace between these two families how could that happen as you as a mother and you have your aunt and cousin ?
Rosita Orellana, Mother of Brian Orellana: “Well our family is not trouble people and everybody that knows us and know Brian know he is not a trouble person so I don’t know, Brian tries to get along with his family but his family just have a hate against him for so long I don’t know for what.”

Love News was informed that Orellana is not only being charged criminally but he will also face internal disciplinary measures in Belize. We have also been able to confirm that the weapon reportedly used in the incident was not an issued service revolver.