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Accused Murderer Escapes from Police during Bathroom Break

On Saturday August third, Nyle Vasquez was arrested for the murder of Melvin Locke which occurred in July. His detention was quite short because he escaped later that day while on a bathroom break. It is unclear how he escaped the police but Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett says the Professional Standards Branch is also investigating, since two officers were present at the time he made the bathroom break to freedom.

ASP Joseph Myvette: Police have arrested and charge Nile Vasquez for the crime  of murder which occurred in Dangriga on the 2nd July of 2018 during which Melvin Locke was shot and killed. Shortly after the detention; sometime around 5 pm whilst officers took Mr. Vasquez out of the cell to conduct his daily hygiene. He made good his escape and police have since been seeking him since Saturday. There is an ongoing investigation being conducted by the professional standards branch in respect to the circumstances surrounding the escape and the two officers that were present when Mr. Vasquez escaped. At the time that he was found; he was not found with any weapon but the police is considering that as-well.

Reporter: Sir do you believe that he is still in the South; in Dangriga? 

ASP Joseph Myvette: We are making all efforts to try and determine where he is. We have informed our ports of entry and a wanted poster has been issued in regard to his escape.