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Accused Murderer Walks Free in Punta Gorda

Shockwaves were felt in Punta Gorda after the body of Juana Cardinez Cowo was found with over twenty stab wounds inside an apartment on Main Street in that municipality in July 2015. Today, the man accused of the brutal murder, Alberto Coleman, walked out of the Courtroom a free man, as a trial without jury ended in front of Justice Dennis Hanomansignh. Love News spoke with Coleman’s attorney, Richard Bradley who said that Police simply had the wrong man.


“They asked him and he volunteered to take off his clothes so that he could be thoroughly searched that he had not a scratch, not a dig or no kind of bruise because according to the medical doctor’s report and testimony that obviously had a lot of defensive wounds and had put up some kind of fight or struggle and had tried to ward off her attacker so there is a possibility that whoever was stabbing her may have come in contact with her fingernails or would have something on them. Also the judge pointed out in his decision today that in fact at the scene where they found Juana,  a male shirt was found, a green and yellow male shirt which had blood on it and would also give some indication of the size of that shirt. Yet as in the many areas that we had argued in this matter there was a failure to do any investigation to see if that shirt belonged to Mr.Coleman, was that his blood type, was there any other matter.”

Love News also spoke with Coleman who maintained his innocence. Cowo’s body was found when authorities broke down the door to her apartment after family and friends became worried when they were unable to get in touch with her.