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Accused Murderer Walks Free in Trial Without Jury

23 year old Lincoln Hemsley Junior, accused of the crime of murder in the 2012 shooting death of 21 year old David Alberto Hernandez, is a free man after Judge Adolph Lucas upheld a no case submission and ordered that Hemsley Junior had no case to answer to and acquitted him of the capital punishment crime.  Hemsley has been on remand for the past three years.  His arrest came after the crown’s main witness, 19 year old Phillip Barrera gave police a statement saying that the gunman who shot his friend was “Rojo” who he said was known to be Lincoln Hemsley Junior.  But today, Judge Lucas ruled that in his view, that was not established.   He said that there was also inconsistency in the testimonies offered.  On March 11, 2012, Hernandez was shot three times to the back as he was hanging out on Racecourse Street in the company of a friend.