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Accused murderers denied bail

Ashton Vanegas and Terrence Fernandez who have been accused along with William Danny Mason for the decapitation of Pastor Lewellyn Lucas, which occurred in 2016, filed bail applications through their attorney Herbert Panton. The duo bail applications were heard this morning in the Supreme Court before Justice Colin Williams. Panton told the court that six months after arraignment one should be entitled to bail and pointed out that his clients have been held for one year longer than the rules stimulate.  Nevertheless, Justice Colin Williams denied the duo bail. Attorney Panton Herbert spoke with the media after the court hearing.

Attorney Panton Herbert: “Well he denied the application basically because he says that a trial date has been set I believe on the 12th of March and also he found out that the reason for not going to trial prior to that was because of delays brought upon by the defense and not by the crown and so based that he did not grant the bail however he has not pronounced on the criminal procedure rules which say that any matter before Supreme Court must be concluded within two year.”

The case will come up next March, Panton, said that he will be getting a DNA expert to look at the evidence that has been disclosed to them.