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“Achieving Competitive Advantage”

Last week, Belize Telemedia Limited rebranded its main products. Many businesses used their brand to help give them the competitive edge. Today, Galen University and Chamberlain Consulting hosted a workshop to equip businesses with tools to help them use branding to their advantage. Participants learnt how to identify market opportunities; navigate high-velocity markets and the psychology behind consumer behavior. Love News spoke with Teresita Perez Martinez, the Chief Implementation Consultant for Chamberlain Consulting who said that it is about appealing to people’s emotions.

Teresita Perez Martinez – Chief Implementation Consultant, Chamberlain Consulting: How does your brand make people feel? What will make the decision to go with one company, one brand, one product or service or the other. Businesses in Belize and the country as a whole really do understand the importance of branding and as with everything it is a learning process and just as the speaker was saying today times are changing and even though change is constant sometimes what we don’t focus on is the accelerated rate at which times are changing and I do believe that in Belize we understanding that. That’s why we have had so much rebranding. How do you achieve competitive advantage and how do you understand that that becomes important particularly once you have positioned you brand within an organization, within a country, within an economy and so that is why we are here today because we believe that even though Belize is probably one of the smaller countries; we have a population of about just a little over 300,000 people there is still much competition. We have products and services to offer and so that is why we are having this session today because it is important for people to understand what there brand is and your brand is not you logo, it’s not your name. Your brand is really when people think about you what do they think about, who you are and that is why today’s session is important not just for the business community but also for individuals, we think about people in Belize who really need to sell themselves. We have local artists, we have Artisans, we have all these people who have so much to offer.”

Bartolomeo Rafael Bialas was the presenter for today’s workshop.