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Acknowledging the Good Cops

39 officers were awarded by the police department this morning at the Queen Street Police Station. The men and women were singled out for their dedication, bravery, hard work and enthusiasm on the job. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said that though he is tough on the officers, they deserve the accolades in the presence of their peers.

Jose Sanchez: “ 39 men and women were given special commendations to their dedication to the Police Department today. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke of the hard work and amount of weapons recently removed from the public streets.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “ I commend you and I ask that you give yourself a round of applause. Over the past month or over the past week I must say our operations countrywide have seen significant success. We have seen over 20 firearms being removed from the streets from which persons have been charged and in some cases persons were not charged. These are separate and apart from the firearms that were recovered yesterday from the Galati’s burglary. If we are to add that it brings us to almost 40 firearms in a week in the streets and getting those guns off the street did not come as easy as one may think. It requires good police investigation, good police intelligence and good police work. Let us not allow no one to rob us of the hard work and dedication that you do every day as Police officer putting your lives on the line to ensure the safety of our citizenry in getting those guns off the street. Every gun you taken off the street you are saving more than one life and so we can just imagine moving 40 guns off the streets. We have saved many lives and we continue to do so. Now while one might say it is the duty of the Police to do these works and we would all agree that it is. We do believe that at times we need to single out certain efforts of the Police. As the Commissioner of Police you need to know that I am very tough, I am very hard at you all, I push you everyday to work and it is only right that while I push you to work and to get the job done that when you do exceptional work that you are recognized and rewarded for exceptional performance and that is what today is about. Today is about giving recognition to those officers who have done exceptionally well, those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to be able to rid the streets of firearms.”

Jose Sanchez: “The awardees included camera shy Lion Enijio who was shot during the high speed chase on Coney Drive in Belize City last week. Other officers were quiet heroes like Sergeant Williams Marroquin a 19 year veteran on staff. He is currently posted on the Racoon St. Police Station.”

Sergeant William Marroquin: “Hard work always pay and I encourage other Police officers to do the same and they will be in the same position I am in in this present moment to be recognized. In every job that you do you do have challenges and I am glad that I am a part of the Police Department and I am very grateful in showing my experience in doing my job.

Jose Sanchez: “ Special Constable Dion Perez who is attached to the patrol unit in Belmopan has been a cop for 10 years.”

Special Constable Dion Perez: “I love what I do, I love helping people, I love coming to work even though it is tiring sometimes. It is not something to complain about because I do it for my two daughters. They are proud of me so they are the most important reason why I do it and again when I see innocent people crying for help all of that makes me want to come to work to help. Even when I am on day off I see what’s happening and I feel like I need to be there, working.

Jose Sanchez:” The Minister of National Security John Saldivar felt it necessary to express his personal gratitude to the officers.”

Honorable John Saldivar: “Let me congratulate each and everyone of you but more than congratulate, thank you for the work, thank you for your dedication that you have displayed and I ask you to please keep it going because we need more of this to prove to the rest of this nation that we are worthy of the task that we have been given and we will vanquish the enemy called crime. “

Jose Sanchez: “And after a quick photo op the 39 awardees went back to their regular patrols in their communities. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”