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ACP Broaster Has No Qualms Over Transfer

Another high profile officer who will be making the move to Belmopan is the present Officer in Charge of Belize Rural Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster. Today he was asked to comment on his new post.


“All I can say is that the move will definitely improve the security concerns of the citizenry of Belize.”


“Now sir, no one ever leaves a post completely satisfied with how they left it but I’m sure you’ve seen inroads, is there any specific areas you see that Rural Eastern Division needs drastic improvement that you were unable to get to in the time you’ve served here?”


“I believe that the time I have served here we have made drastic improvement I am confident that when I leave that the men and women under my command will continue to do the good work with the community and continue the community policing effort that they commissioner of police has chartered us to carry out. This is a policy that has been in effect for over four years now and I believe that it is only right that as commanders we train our people and we get our people professional to the point that when we leave we have no fear that they can’t continue the good work and continue to build that relationship.”