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ACP Chester Not Duly Compensated by GOB

Since his return to Belize from studying law in the Caribbean, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams has been making strides in the Belize Police Department and may even be raising the bar for other high ranking and up and coming officers.  He has been promoted, he has been called to the Belize Bar Association, he has been proactive in working with the criminal elements and he has been active in motivating his staff and personnel.  The question tonight, however, is: Has the Belize Police Department and by extension, the Government of Belize, been fair and appreciative to him?  Love News had gotten reports of an issue surrounding the wages of ACP Williams and we were informed that he is not being paid for his accreditation as a lawyer.  We asked Williams to comment on this issue.

Williams has written to his superiors asking requesting that his income be revisited and that his qualifications be factored.  He is yet to receive a response.

The entire matter is based on the fact that in the public service there is a ceiling when it comes to salaries.  Once you reach that ceiling, the increments stop and you are set with that income until you retire.  The flip side to this, however, is that with ACP Williams being the first police officer to earn his lawyer status and remain in the Belize Police Department, there had never been any accommodations for such a highly qualified person in the department.  Love News will follow this story as it develops as it would be interesting to see if the Government of Belize will allow Williams to leave the department after having a strong impact internally and externally