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ACP Chester Williams says all reports of Police corruption will be investigated

It has been less than a stellar month for the Belize Police Department. As of late, at least five police officers including a superintendent have been accused of illegal activities. While some have been criminally others are being investigated by the Professional Standards Branch headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams. Williams says that his department will investigate any and all police corruption

ACP Chester Williams – Head, Professional Standards Branch

“Police corruption that it will not be tolerated in any shape or form and conduct like these are basically what erodes the public trust and confidence in our department’s ability to be able to properly investigate and bring in people to justice and so yes we look at this as a very serious matter hence the reason why the office in question was dealt with rather swiftly because we need the others to get the message that when it comes to things like this we are not going to hesitate to deal with our own to ensure that we maintain certain degree of trust and confidence in the public because after all perception is a funny thing and we want to be able to remove any perception that we are here to cover for our own when they have done wrong. As the head of this branch it is my duty to investigate police officers who have done wrong and so long as I am here I am going to discharge that function to the best of my ability to ensure that the public does have that level of trust in the work that my office does on a daily basis and by extension the police department in our ability to be able to properly investigate our own.”