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ACP Chester Williams updates on police officers charged for extortion

Last week, Police Constable Arden Jones and Woman Police Constable Jenny Tanner were charged for extorting a principal. The principal reported to Punta Gorda police that Tanner and Jones stopped her at a check point in Punta Gorda and told her that she was being detained for driving with expired insurance. According to the Principal, she was then bribed as explained by Head of the Professional Standards Branch, ACP Chester Williams.

ACP Chester Williams – Head, Professional Standards Branch
“On the way to the police station Ms.Tanner informed her that the offence was one of a serious nature and that her driver’s licences would be revoked and her motor vehcile would be impounded and that she should settle financially with the officers. She arrived at the police station, was taken to an office where PC Arden Jones who was one of the officers at the checkpoint met her in the office and asked her how much she was willing to pay. Fearing that her vehicle be impounded and driver’s license revoked she said $300. The officer then allowed her to go to the bank to withdraw the money which she did and later on returned to the office where she met PC Jones and gave him the money. Immediately thereafter she reported the matter to Mr.Cacho the officer commanding the Punta Gorda Town Police Station who took swift action by going to the office where Jones was and he retrieved the money from Jones. Jones was later arrested and charged for the crime of extortion jointly along with Ms.Tanner they will also be charged disciplinarily for acts to the prejudice of good order and discipline as well as soliciting a bribe and neglect of duty in respect to that matter.”

Both officers were arraigned at the Punta Gorda Magistrate’s Court where they pled not guilty. They were offered bail of three thousand dollars and are to reappear in court on October 18