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ACP Edward Broaster speaks on former press officer’s transfer

Over the past week, there have been some inconsistencies and confusion over Kevin Brown’s brutal beating on San Pedro Town last week Sunday. The Castro brothers had been unofficially named as being part of the group who attacked Brown and on Wednesday morning police press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood told the media that the Castro brothers were wanted for questioning. Their father, UDP Minister Edmond Castro denied that his sons were wanted by police stating that one of them is out of the country. Soon after we learned that Yearwood was transferred out of the Public Relations Department. This caused many to question whether Yearwood’s transfer was related to the Castro incident and whether Yearwood was being victimized for stating that the Castro brothers were wanted for questioning. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Edward Broaster, was asked about Yearwood’s transfer this morning.

ACP Edward Broaster – Acting Officer Commanding Eastern Division
“We report on facts and we tried our best to be accurate to the media so when the media asks specific questions specific answers are given to the media. The situation with Mr.Yearwood has nothing to do with the Castro name. That matter with Mr.Yearwood will be dealt with internally and I will not prejudice that matter in the media. My final comment on this issue with regard to that is the fact that the press office from all accounts that I’ve seen stated that there is no official report against them at that time. There is no political maneuvering, there was never any attempt by our press office or this department to protect anybody from scrutiny.

“But was there any call? Any ….

ACP Edward Broaster – Acting Officer Commanding Eastern Division
“None whatsoever.”

“Because the father of these men….

ACP Edward Broaster – Acting Officer Commanding Eastern Division
“There was none it doesn’t matter who the father was or who the father is.”

Last week, Yearwood told Love News that he is currently on vacation leave until August 28 after which he will be assigned to regular relief duties at Precinct Three. He said he is not being victimized and he requested the transfer a couple of months ago. Yearwood has also stated that he does not take lightly to having his credibility questioned as what he included in the report was sent by the officers in San Pedro. Yearwood maintains he has always acted in a professional manner in carrying out his duties.