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ACP Williams Appeals for the Violence to End

The murders of Gerald ‘Shiney’ Tillet and Keon ‘Gambis’ Williams kept the police on watch for retaliations by affiliates as has been proven by previous pattern. Today, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, made a public appeal to family members and friends of both men, to desist from fighting fire with fire.


“Violence is not the answer. If one person is killed to go an kill another will not solve the problem it will make the situation worse. As I’ve said to the crowd from George Street if you love Shiney so much, if his life was worth something to you now that he has passed on the right thing for them to do is to assist his parents in raising the ten children he left behind; send them to school, help them to get an education that will be more beneficial to him than to be out there trying to kill in his name. I want to say the same for those who are affiliated with Keon Williams. We understand their pain, when you lose someone it is a terrible thing but to go out and kill in the name of someone who has died will never bring peace and so yes we will continue to do our intervention; myself and Ms. Finnegan but I will tell you that we can only do so much and there will come a time when the talking will have to stop and those who constantly want to be out there to commit criminal acts will have to feel the wrath of the police and when I say that I do not want to be misquoted so let me define what that means; it simply means that the police will be out there in full force targeting those persons who are constantly trailing or lurking around looking for people to shoot or kill. We will be after them. It does not mean that we will pursue them in any criminal way i.e. to physically abuse them. There are a million ways to skin a cat and we are going to do it in a way that is consistent with the law but they must understand that was as a law enforcement agency will not sit idle by and make them feel that they can take over Belize City or hold the people of Belize City hostage because of them wanting to get their own gratification by killing innocent or even persons who they know are their rivals. We cannot tolerate or condone it.”