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Acting Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, Gregory Soberanis’ Tenures Slowly Coming to an End

Acting Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, Gregory Soberanis, has just over two months left in this office as Captain Elton Bennett will be returning in early August. Soberanis has been holding the position since August 2020 to accommodate Captain Bennett’s study leave required for him to ascend to the rank of Admiral. Soberanis hosted a media luncheon today where he spoke on his experience as the Acting Commandant.

Gregory Soberanis, Acting Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: The past year has been a humbling and learning experience for me. I must say that the Belize Coast Guard as an organization the success has always been a team effort and this year really it was not me it was the team and so as a team we ensured that we maintained focus on our mission and our mandate. We know what Captain Bennet’s plan was and the strategy that he had developed for the Belize Coast Guard so it was just a matter of myself leading the team ensuring that that plan and that strategy was executed throughout this year.”

Captain Bennett is currently studying at the Royal College of Defense Studies in England. He left Belize amid the Covid-19 pandemic, providing Soberanis an opportunity to lead the BCG.

Gregory Soberanis, Acting Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: “What I can say is that the military is an organization, it’s an institution that prepares you for all levels of command. It prepares you to make those tough decisions in critical times and myself and staff we were prepared with being able to address those tough issues that arose throughout the year. But I must say that as it relates to the COVID pandemic that we got great support from the Ministry of Health. When the pandemic hit the Belize Coast Guard Dr.Diaz came in, she did an assessment of our spaces, of our facilities, provided great recommendation and guidance to us which we implemented and it allowed us to keep our numbers to a minimal.”

Soberanis noted that prior to his leave, Captain Bennett developed a ten-year plan for the BCG and he expects Bennett to further elevate the organization.