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📣 MAIN TERMS AND Definations to be fully aware:                      📣 “COVID-19” – means the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov), which is an infectious disease caused by a virus which, having emerged during 2019, was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation on the 11th March, 2020;                      📣 “emergency area” – means the area declared to be under a public state of emergency under the Proclamation;                      📣 “essential service” means the offices listed in Schedule I; “essential worker” means an employee of an essential service;                      📣 “social distancing” includes the practice of staying home, avoiding crowds and refraining from touching one another and maintaining a distance of no less than three feet from other persons.                      📣 Need Food Assistance? | ¿Necesita asistencia alimentaria (comida)? – Para Idioma en Español llamar los Numeros : 631-2065 | 636-0423 | 626-4764.                      📣 For English language call: 636-5743 | 627-3634 | 629-8100 |631-9158 | 630-8502 | 607-8053 | 624-8532 | 606-9900 | 631-3359 | 621-4247 | 627-2062 | 607-6178 | 630-1081.                      📣 Please note the numbers for Food Assistance at the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. The Ministry asks that you please bear patience if you cannot get through.
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Acting Commissioner speaks on State of Emergency

Colonel Lovell said the Police Department should be able to put the situation under control without the inclusion of the other sister agencies. The Statutory Instrument signed by the Governor General affects two specific areas of Belize.  The Acting Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams explained the series of events that led them to have evoked the State of Emergency.

Chester Williams Acting Commissioner of Police: “You would recall that last week Friday we had the murder of Shaquille Humes which took place near the May Chan Roberts Clinic in Belize City. Following that murder there were two other murders that night; we brought in the guys who were involved from George St. and Bannak. We sat with them, we had intervention with them and they were released Saturday in the evening and they promised that they will be holding the peace. Low and behold as they were released from custody; two other persons were killed immediately thereafter. To me that shows out right disrespect to the Police and the public. As is outlined in the proclamation: Bannak area and the George St. area are the two areas of concern at this time and so those are the two areas that are captured in the proclamation of a state of emergency on Southside. While yes the proclamation do give the Police and other law enforcement agencies additional powers to be able to go in and arrest the situation we do not intend to abuse those powers that will be restored upon us by the proclamation. We have decided to move this way and to arrest the ongoing situation between these two groups. What we intended to do is that in the first instance we intend to incarcerate these individuals for one month. If at the expiration of that one month period they have showed no sign of improvement or that they want to behave themself then we intend to take it further. Now some might say that we are really being heavy handed but the truth of the matter is I am sure that you all will agree that we have also talked enough with them and we need to be able to make them understand that the time for talking is done where they are concerned unless they intend to really and truly change the way they do things and so we will continue operations in these two areas for the next month and people in the area I will associate myself with the comments of the CEO in that we want the residents in those areas to please bear patience with us.”

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