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Acting COMPOL Noel Leal to Vidal and William: “cease and desist”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is demanding that Senior Superintendent of Police Marco Vidal apologize for statements made last week. In an interview with the press on Tuesday, Vidal alluded that ACP Williams is allegedly involved in some sort of criminal collusion with gang members. Listeners might recall that it was under ACP Williams as southside commander that a gang truce was forged. During the interview, Vidal said quote, “In terms of any peace having been, between whatever period you want to put it, as a journalist, if you would go in and speak to the very people who speak about peace, you would know that there was no peace and there was a number of underlying issues that prevailed during that same time. My policy is that I don’t give any persons any break, in terms of breaking the law. If the criminals are not happy with that then we will enforce the law. And that’s it.” End of quote. Well, Williams is taking Vidal’s comments seriously. He has hired Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck who on Friday wrote Vidal. In the letter, Marshalleck wrote quote, “these allegations are completely untrue and constitute a grave slander upon our client. Our client has never been selective in enforcing the law against gang members and has never allowed anyone to engage in the marijuana trade. As a senior police officer and attorney at law, our client has always acted to uphold the law.” End quote. Well both senior cops have been spoken to about their behavior against each other. Acting Commissioner of Police Noel Leal says that if Vidal and Williams continue their public battle of words, they will be dealt with internally.


I personally have spoken to both officers and I’ve held discussions with the CEO and we are both of the opinion that they should desist and they should discontinue that type of activity in public and yes they do have their rights and they have concerns but we have asked them not to be having this issue on social media or in public. So whatever they want to do if they feel they must do then let that be from them through their attorneys but let it not be public and that is what we have asked them to do because the CEO has indicated that he is concerned that this is not a matter for public consumption. If they have a problem then let them trash it out through their attorneys if that is the way they want to go. So we have spoken to both of them I think we have quelled it sufficiently and warned them that we do have a disciplinary body which can address these matters if it is necessary we will build a case and we will proceed that way if they do not discontinue.

Williams is demanding that Vidal apologizes by granting the media an interview. In addition, Williams wants Vidal to never repeat the allegations, pay his legal fees and pays for damages. Vidal has ten days to respond to the letter.